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We love what we do and it’s always an honor to have our work loved by others in the industry.  If you’re a modern bride looking for some great inspiration Brooklyn Bride is a great resource.  Check out our featured engagement session on there as well!  For more of Marylou and Sean’s engagement session check out our blog post.

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We're Jonathan and Joanne Encarnacion, a husband and wife team based out of SF Bay Area. We love life and we love every unexpected moment and curve ball that life throws at us. On the outer shell we may look like we're totally hip, controlled, and under composure at all times. But look a little deeper and we're big ol' LOVE saps. Yes, we cry at chick flicks and we secretly get emotional during our client's father and daughter dances. (WE, meaning both of us!) We like to say that our style is a little bit of contemporary mixed with something a little more modern. What brings our photos to life is our clients. We love to incorporate who you are as a couple, family or as a person because its who you are. Plain and simple. When a dream turns into reality, its something that us as husband and wife can definitely take pride in. We're in love with life and we love to capture it as it happens. Whether its a wedding, family portraits, and children's session we're locked, loaded, and ready to shoot.
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